Hell on earth for those of us that still cling to material possessions. And, of course, if you live in 1,800 square feet of space PLUS a 2.5 car garage, “Activity feels the space available.” Oh that I had my previous strength and stamina—even for 3 days!! And if you have hundreds of books, art prints and CDs, the urge to stop and relive a poem or two; recall a delicious work of fiction; play a forgotten CD; flip through too much art—I got that in Cuba, France, that street fair in _____, the old market in Turkey…….Well, gee, it takes forever!! Feel a little satisfied when I filled two bags of books to donate knowing they won’t need to be moved…..oh wait, maybe I should keep that one?

The premove—packing TheGreyPanther and the motorcycle trailer and driving to Nikiski, unloading and putting away……..pfffst.  DustyKitty moved permanently to Daniel’s Lake a few weeks ago. She is delighted  in not being a car prisoner. She delights in each memorable item  that arrives….her tower, her bar stool that she scratched the heck out of when she was a kitten…..As well as packing for the movers….remembering my student days of 2 pairs of decent pants, one book case……but then again oh how I love my stuff!!

Between Jim’s house and The Grey Panther, it did not make sense financially to keep the Anchorage condo that I have lived in and loved from first glance for 11.5 years. I realized it was the longest that I have lived in any one building in my 68 years.move2

Yes, I’m moving to Daniels Lake, to Jim’s house. When I first came here, I said, “no way, I’m not moving way out here” But then the light, the silence, the birds and the water grew on me. I loved coming down here and I loved going back to my Anchorage home. Worried about his need to be close to his oncologist, it was important for awhile, but then I am the one with all of the ongoing medical/therapy appointments—11 in one week! Ok one was a hair cut. On Tuesday he will get his blood work and CT, then see the oncologist. ….. salways a little anxiety causing…..until we get the results.



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