Stories along the Way: The Saga of the Chocolatey Lab


img_2140It was a dark and stormy night. Actually it was a stunning star-filled sky kind of Wyoming November night. Jim and Greg went off to roar with the Lions and a Lioness while Debbie worked with the Lionettes serving dinner. I stayed back as roaring lions are unsettling and far too noisy. I much prefer staying with the resting Grey Panther and Little Panther.

Maggie, the lab mix and I were hanging out. She spent several years with a Catholic priest before the Marinos adopted her, and I expected the best of manners and ethics. She did have a penchant for food and quietly laid her head in visitors’ laps during meals, big browns looking up with a well-practiced “I’m starving” demeanor, occasionally accompanied by a sigh.

I heard a small noise but didn’t think much of it. A short time later I went to our bedroom and noticed that my covert supply of TJ chocolate peanut butter cups was turned over and the package empty. DustyKitty, knowing chocolate was bad for cats, walked away from it. I had no idea that dogs didn’t practice responsible eating. I realized, Maggy-who-will-eat-anything had consumed them in one gulp. Oh dear. I know chocolate is bad for dogs and what was worse, I was a little embarrassed about our covert stash (I had brought 3 boxes for Greg, knowing he loves dark chocolate and peanut butter). Even non-Reeses fan Debbie fell under the TJ charm.

Reluctantly, I texted the Lion and Lionette. Soon all three came hurrying into the house, having finished dinner but not the program. Indeed oncologist Greg had just met a new urologist named…..wait for it…..Trojan.

Debbie was on the phone with the vet who recommended pouring a few doses of Peroxide into Maggie to initiate vomiting. It meant a trip to the nearest drugstore, 10 miles away. Maggie was just happy to be invited to go for a ride.

Time passed. We didn’t hear anything. Then Greg texted: Happiness is a vomiting dog. Next came: I know guys in college like this, which made Jim burst out in a hearty laugh. It seemed to take several doses and many walks with Maggie before she would vomit— in the car. Fortunately, as she had consumed only chocolate, it smelled like…..chocolate.

Finally home, Greg pulled the offending chocolatey mat from the car to wash off while Debbie and Maggie went into the house for bed. The next morning Maggie was eager for breakfast, none the worse for wear.


Stories along the Way: The Saga of the Chocolatey Lab

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