The Oregon coast on Hwy101 is a long time favorite; I never get tired of it. It doesn’t seem that anything could be more wonderful and I forget to be open to possibility. There is a section of the highway near Tillamook that goes inland.—but still pretty. This time we saw a sign that said “Scenic drive Cape Metis”. We wound around the curves of the little traveled 2 -lane road, past Cape Lookout sate park until we came to a severe curve to the left. “We need to stop,” I told Jim and he pulled over. I got out of the sprinter and stepped into a silent world. Herons stood still in the calm, glassy water. Further away were rock formations and more coastline, but I was completely absorbed in the beautiful, silent, peace of the water and the elegance of the statuesque herons.



Finally, I got back into the Sprinter and we drove up the road as we headed to a higher elevation, past sand dunes, a clear cut forest mountainside, large homes, one fairly close to the road with a fence with concertina wire on it. Why? There was no answer.

We drove on. We got out and looked over the cliff and watched the ocean below. The waves crashing on the beach far below and the ocean breeze reached up to us.

Jim spotted a memorial plaque about a hang gliding advocate and we were left with many questions unanswered as we drove on and back up to Hwy 101.



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