Fatigue Wins


June 5, 2016


Jim called from Yellowstone Park early this morning. He couldn’t sleep in and headed out from Idaho Falls, stopping at Yellowstone Park for a rest and to watch fly fishers. He planned to head straight to Sheridan, WY, confidant he could make it—he really wanted to end the trip. He was over-tired, a problem we both must watch for.

A short time later he called from Cody, WY. With just 150 miles to go, he couldn’t ride anymore. It was early afternoon and he checked into a hotel and went for a late breakfast. His hand could no longer squeeze the throttle. He claimed he was still eating the snacks I had packed for the airplane trip—almost a week ago!!. He had just gotten his weight firmly back up to his pre-cancer weight.

One of the glories of being a “senior” is you don’t have to be macho, except for the hmmmm “motorcycle thing” and can admit to fatigue which ENHANCES your machoness instead of diminishing it.

Yes, he is in remission from his cancer and doesn’t have a CT scheduled until August. But still…..Tomorrow morning he will complete his trip when he rides to Sheridan, WY. And, OK, I’m really happy he will stay with friends, one who happens to be a great oncologist. In fact, he is the one that I sent a photo of Jim’s labs when he was still in Nikiski. He called right away and calmly said we should leave for Anchorage NOW. When we stayed with them this past March, he explained his reaction had been anything but calm!! We had a good chuckle about that.

Tomorrow Jim will ride the final leg of his 1,20 mile journey. And we look forward to sharing the excitement of this incredible accomplishment!

Fatigue Wins

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