NOTE: Zion National Park

For all you “gem” seekers—not the sparkly kind, but tiny travel finds. This may take extra sleuthing on your part.

The east entrance to Zion is plain—your usual majestic mountains. However the west entrance is special. Just outside the park are some new buildings including the breakfast spot we found. The next night we decided to have dinner out and went to “The Pub” in one of the buildings.

On the menu was a note about all breads coming from “_____” bakery which I promptly forgot the name. As a lover of bread and such it seemed important to find. The waiter mumbled something about down the hill, to the left, mumble, mumble. The next morning we headed out of the park for breakfast and decided to find this bakery and headed down the hill as directed and a little to the left, but nothing. HOWEVER, enroute. OH MY, I discovered a plethora of shopping and restaurants!!! We settled for breakfast in a small night spot with “Harley Davidson Parking only” sign. It may have been the wrong choice. However, the omelet was perfectly done and the toast delicious. I asked her about the bakery. She didn’t know but her “husband baked for two hotels.” I needed to pursue my bakery. She said down the way…..there was a coffee shop that was always packed, something about “bees”. Maybe that was it. So if you are out that way, please seek out this “gem” and let me know.

NOTE: Zion National Park

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