Along the Way

As we headed up Hwy 13 we looked for a place to spend the night. My “AllStays” app indicated that the national park campgrounds were still closed. There was a city campground in Meeker, CO. We pulled in after dark, not used to the lights but spent a decent night sleeping. We could still see the stars and I had to break into Don MacClean’s “Starry, Starry Night.” As I overheard a man say, somewhere along the way, that he was grateful for living in the time with the greatest music ever– “60’s and 70’s.” There is always a perfect snatch of song for the woad.

Sunday morning, we looked for a café to eat breakfast. The bank said “Bank of the San Juans.” Hmmm. Nothing really on the main drag, so we went a street over to go downtown. I love downtowns, big and small. We found the Meeker café, next to the Meeker hotel, old buildings. The Bud light sign was still lit up but we went in for breakfast (I don’t like Bud in the morning….or any time really.) It was an old building and people were coming in for breakfast. Tea was $1.25 and coffee was $1.50 as opposed to the usual $2.50 we pay if we don’t make our own in the Sprinter. It was great to look around at the old fixtures, counter stools, animal heads, tin ceiling, original old floors. We walked around a bit and realized how large it was. Other photos showed that sleepy Meeker was where the national sheep dog contests are held and have been held for many years. The dogs’ skills are fascinating.

After breakfast, we noticed a book on the counter that had been compiled about Meeker’s history and the café’s history.

It seems there was peace between the residents and the American Indians until Mr. Meeker arrived as an Indian agent. After his demands, war broke out between t he settlers and the Indians. Another story of how American Indians were not given a chance even when they had lived peacefully with their invaders. “On the road again…got to get back on the road again.”

Man bun Juan

Graciously served

Cowboy breakfast.

Along the Way

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