Epic Adventure


Mr I and Ms Jones 2nd Epic Adventure.

After another night in an “unusual “campground after being unable to camp by the roaring mighty Colorado river due to 2000 runners in Moab for half marathon, the intrepid explorers headed out. Mr. Jones selected a mountain climbing snowy route to Moab. Ms Jones decided to go along for the ride—he wouldn’t let her drive anyway. Up, up, up we climbed into the mysterious Manti-La Sal National Forest with its narrow winding roads. NO PARKING! Declared a sign. (no kidding). The road narrowed and deteriorated. Mr. Jones swerved to avoid the tiny critters darting across the road. A small cross and memorial—did some one park and then go over? Vasts vistas below us. When we disappear into thin air, at least for family sake, we will go in a Mercedes Benz instead of an old school bus in Alaska. Finally started down past corrals, an eclectic mix of houses, a VW graveyard and into Moab with its many fascinating breakfast cafes…However, Mr. Jones had chosen to eat at ….denny’s. The end of another unprescribed adventure of the daring duo.

Epic Adventure

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