2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The Grey Panther is a Mercedes Benz  cargo van with large, all around windows. It was built in Germany then transported to South Carolina, assembled and sent to Seattle, WA.The interior is completely empty and must be retrofitted for a campervan. Jim, a skilled craftsman, will complete the interior retrofit.

It has a  turbo diesel 4 cylinder engine , 144in wheel base, high roof and fits into a regular parking space. It has an extra battery, charged by the alternator like  the main battery, as well as 12v ports in several spots accessible by USB ports or cigarette-type lighter ports.

The first maiden voyage encompassed  6,400 miles starting in Seattle WA, traveling on Hwy 101/1 through Washington, Oregon, California, across Arizona, through Utah into northern WY. In June, when the highway is clear of winter, it will come home to Alaska for the summer.

Stats: average 25miles per gallon with a range of 20-30 mpg.

The sprinter starts easily, purrs like a kitten but handles upgrades and curves beautifully. Even without the retrofit, the van is quiet.

  • A Dry Flush Chemical Free Odorless Portable Lightweight Electric Waterless Toilet was selected, and performed well when installed in the Sprinter.Dry Flush Refill  cartridges were also purchased.
  • A Wallis Diesel Stove/heater with exhaust system was purchased and will be installed this summer. In keeping with the “Simple but Elegant” theme, only fuel source will be diesel.
  • A Fantastic Fan 1250R manual open vent and Fan Vent Cover were installed.
  • A 12vDC 3.5 CF NOVA KOOL Refrigerator  was installed. Both refrigerator and freezer performed well.